5 Things You May Like on GrowSmartRiskLess.com

I am so thrilled that www.GrowSmartRiskLess.com is finally complete! The core objective of this site is to supplement key learnings from the book in an interactive way – blog posts, videos, resources and more. To get you acclimated with all that is here, we’ve compiled the 5 elements of www.GrowSmartRiskLess.com that we think you’ll really enjoy:
  1. Here’s a hint: you are reading it right now – my blog. Here, I will be sharing everything from the latest headlines in the world of franchising and great tools I’ve found to sharing lessons I’ve learned, helpful videos and more.
  2. Our resource library is chocked full of Websites and tools that have been instrumental in my business and can be for yours. From “Key Terms In Franchising” to “Determining the Right Franchisee For Your Concept,” by simply pre-ordering the book, you can get instant access to key tools that will help you take the next steps in determining whether or not to franchise your business.
  3. I have been so lucky to have wonderful and supportive mentors working one-on-one with me as I ventured to start and franchise my business. With this sentiment, we will also be regularly adding informative videos to our repertoire – interviews and panels covering a variety of key topics – to provide an interactive experience and add value.
  4. Are you looking to learn more about “Grow Smart, Risk Less?” Then look no further than “The Book” section, where you’ll find the latest testimonials from across the industry as well as a list of the chapters to whet your appetite.
  5. And if you’re interested in meeting me “in-person,” you can always find out where my speaking engagements will take me in the coming months. There, you will also find information on how to book a speaking engagement as well.
Be sure to stop back often, as we will be constantly adding new content, videos and tools with the ultimate goal of helping you.