Social Technology and Collaboration for Business

One of the things you've heard me talk at lengths about are the amazing mentors I've been lucky to have supporting me throughout my journey as a franchisor. Being a student of the franchise model, it has been a true blessing to have such trusted resources whom I could turn to. In writing "Grow Smart, Risk Less," my mission has been simple: to help other business owners who are interested in expanding their businesses through franchising or who are already in franchising. Some of the topics I cover regularly here and in the book include:
  • Determining if a concept is "franchise worthy"
  • Creating a high-performance culture
  • Franchise development
  • Building a powerhouse team
  • Driving accountability to the smartest level
But in the spirit of serving as a resource, I wanted to pose the question: what do YOU want to know about? What problems are you looking to solve? I want to know how I can help. While we've had some great successes in growing BrightStar Care, we've made some mistakes along the way too and, if it's going to help others on their journeys, I want to share what we've learned. What is on your mind? What do you want to know about getting started with franchising? E-mail me at