Franchising to Grow Your Business

I was recently invited to call in to SBA radio to talk about my journey through franchising and how franchising is a viable option for business owners who have proven the success of their company-owned business to expand. Click below to listen:

100×100 Project: Sharing Business Ideas for Success

SmartGirls Way is a social venture aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs to create economic breakthroughs for themselves, their communities and the next economy. As part of fulfilling this mission, SmartGirls Way set out to speak with 100 women entrepreneurs who have walked in those shoes to see if they could share what helped make them […]

Franchise Development: 3 Lessons in Franchisee Recruitment

For emerging or new franchisors, you know that franchising is an appealing option for budding entrepreneurs, as it can be a nice hybrid between buying an existing business and starting from scratch because the brand is established, the trademarks are secured, brochures and websites are designed, technology is provided and the model has been through […]

New Franchisors: 5 Key Lessons for 2012

It’s that time of year when all of us, business owners and otherwise, resolve to not only do better in the New Year, but be better.For you business owners who listened to your mantra, ‘Franchise my business,’ you can almost bet on a whole new experience. Think about it: you aren’t just in the business […]

FOX Business: Expanding BrightStar Care Through Franchising

I recently stopped by Fox Business to discuss how to franchise a business and the growth of BrightStar Care. The segment features our Norwalk, CT BrightStar owners Peter and Maureen Moore and highlights the very personal stories of some of the families they serve. Watch the latest video at

LIVE From the 2011 Press Ganey National Client Conference

If you’ve read “Grow Smart, Risk Less” or even follow my blog, it will come as no surprise that, even especially as an entrepreneur, I’m a huge proponent of always wearing your “student” hat.  And that – along with my “networking” hat – are what I’m sporting today and tomorrow as I attend the 2011 […]

Small Business Ideas, Advice for Growing Your Business & More: All on Your Tablet!

Technology has come a long way and I am such a believer in its importance to business that JD and I have invested heavily in our own proprietary technology. I practically wrote “Grow Smart, Risk Less” on my tablet, so it was a no-brainer to make the book accessible on these devices. For all of […]

FranchiseToday: Going from Small Business to Franchise & MORE

My journey with my husband, JD, through franchising is a unique one. We were franchisees before we were franchisors and, like many business owners, the catalyst for expanding BrightStar Care through franchising was our desire to bring our service (providing quality care) to families across the country and not just those in our immediate area. […]

Small Business Advice That Applies to Every Entrepreneur

For small business owners and franchisors alike, one of the best pieces of advice I received (and something I strive to live each and every day) is to become a student of your industry. When my husband JD and I started BrightStar Care in 2002, we immersed ourselves in the world of home healthcare. And […]

Part 5: Expand Your Business Panel with Shelly Sun

In the fifth and final installment of my series, Faegre & Benson Partner and my personal mentor, Brian Schnell, and I lead a panel discussing key considerations for every business owner looking to grow their business, including: Honing scalability for growth The importance of tapping into what customers want and need for strategic planning Next […]

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