• Grow Smart, Risk Less is a must read for anyone considering franchising as a way to grow their business. Her step-by-step guide effectively illustrates not just how to franchise but how to do it right.
    Stuart Mathis - Mail Boxes Etc./UPS Store
  • This is a must read for those evaluating whether or not to franchise their existing business. It is also a valuable resource to franchising and management veterans looking for impactful strategies on developing a world-class culture of accountability, empowerment and leadership. You'll learn implementable methods to further motivate your team and effectively align compensation with company objectives. Shelly embodies the American dream--discover her inspiring entrepreneurial success story.
    Catherine Monson - CEO of FastSigns
  • ‘Grow Smart, Risk Less’ is a book that expansion-minded business owners can learn from. Shelly correctly focuses on the importance of building unit level economics to create a stronger foundation for accelerated franchise expansion. Learn from her experiences, and from her approaches to building unit profitability, to shorten the time it will take you to build your own successful franchising organization.
    Fred DeLuca - Founder of Subway Restaurants
  • Shelly Sun has assembled a rich compilation of best practices for prospective franchisors based on her experiences building a successful franchise brand from scratch. Business leaders can learn as much from what didn’t work as they can from what worked. Shelly has provided plenty of both in a refreshingly candid and descriptive style.
    Darrell Johnson - President and CEO, FRANdata
  • Finally, a book about Franchising from someone who’s built a successful brand from the ground up. Shelly’s stories and tips provide a fast, but comprehensive path for expanding a small business through the Franchise model.
    Steve Caldeira - President and CEO, International Franchise Association