We have taken the time to gather these tools to help answer your questions and guide you as your business grows. Please note that you will need a book purchase code to access these areas. You will receive this code once the book is purchased and delivered to you.

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1. Questions to Ask a Prospective Franchisee

A key aspect of building a strong franchise system is finding the right franchisees. The franchisor’s decision to grant a franchise to a franchisee and the prospect’s decision to join a particular franchise system are significant decisions for each and each must take the process to get to that decision very seriously. This tool includes 12 key questions to help guide the decision making process.

2. Key Terms in Franchising

Franchising, like any industry, has a language all its own. Learn the key terms to help you ask the right questions to the right people – with credibility and understanding.

3. Financial Modeling

Create a high-level feasibility analysis to better understand the opportunities of franchising unit economics within your business model. Using this tool starts with inputting company owned historical information, start-up fund expectations and franchise model factors to help you make the smartest financial decisions.

4. Competitive Offering Analysis

Is your business "Franchise Worthy"? Use the tool to compare the competitiveness of your business offering against other franchise concepts. Contrast between other concepts inside your industry as well as against those with a similar investment profile.

5. 360 Degree Assessment Tool

Evaluate the viability of your business for Franchising through the lens of your key employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders – and most important, target investors about the potential to replicate the model for others.